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The historical context of the play:
In my opinion the Greeks (are characters) are the Israelis. The Israelis are the Jews, these people were given the land that originally belonged to Palestine. This lead to a war that has been going since the 1950s. The conflict has passed from generation to generation.

My group did Act 1 Seance 9. In are interpretation we use Patroclus body to split the stage. Phoenix and Ajax (me and Gabriel) are on one side while Achilles (bruke) is on the other. The semiotics of are costumes were the colours we chose to where. For all the characters the different collars were representing a diffrent emotain. For Phoenix the shirts go from white to white, this represents the circle that war goes in. Phoenix is an older man so is best suited to be a were of this circle as he has scene it before. With out realising it I used the magic if. Their’s a moment when I reach out to Achileas. This is a action that I would do if I was trying to comfort someone. So when Achilles terns away I can rember times when people have regegected my comfort, this in my opinion lead to a better performance. We decided to tern the lites out because in the stage directions it says the stage goes to darkness. It’s also best when showing that the sceans over.

Brian Woolland

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