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How are the intentions of Brutus/Cassius

“And in the spirit of men there is no blood”
This is said bye Brutus to Cassius. He wants to get across that he is agents the overall killing of Ceaser. However he is willing to partake in the murder. He is saying that he murder is not realy the right thing.

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  • Hello Arthur,

    I like your reading of Brutus here – I agree that he is reluctant to kill Caesar – is there, however, a point where he understands that it is necessary for Rome?

    What are your thoughts on this – why is it that he goes along with the conspiracy?

    Do re-read and edit spelling – against, for instance.

    Identify and explore the use of metaphorical language – where is it in the quotation you have used above? Why does this create a, possibly, contrasting image?

    See me if you need a hand,

    Mr North

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