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Romeo and Juliet timeline

Sunday morning – The Capulets and the Montagues have a brawl in the streets of Verona which lasts through the whole of the morning and into the afternoon.

Sunday afternoon – The brawl ends and the Prince of Verona tells the leaders of both families that if they have a fight like this again he will have no choice but to execute them.

Sunday evening – Benvolio meets with Romeo (Romeo was not involved with the brawl but Benvolio was). Romeo is very sad because there is a girl that he love, called Rosalind who does not love him. Rosaline is a Capulet. He is very, very upset. Benvolio tries to tell him there are other fish in the sea. While they are walking they bump into a servant of the Capulets (they don’t know he’s a servant of the Capulets), who has been assigned to get guests for a party the Capulets are throwing but the servant cannot read and so asks Romeo and Benvolio to read the names of the guests to him. Romeo sees that the name of the women he loves is there. The servant then asks them to come, if they are not of the house of Montague. They agree to go but Romeo only agrees because the lady he loves will be there.

Meanwhile, in the Capulet’s house, Count Paris is talking to Capulet about marrying his daughter, Juliet. Capulet says he should wait two more years before marring her.

Juliet’s nurse and mother try to persuade her to marry Paris. Julet doesn’t not what to mary Paris but her mum and nurse think she should because he is rich. This is going on just before the party.

Romeo and Benvolo are going with there friend to the party. Romeo is still up set about the girl he loves doesn’t love him. His friend and Benvolo

whan’t  to get him to like other girls.



Romo falls in love with a difrent girl Julet. The film dose this by using the music from the party to create the roman’s effect.

late the night/early Monday morning 

Romo realizes that Julet is from the opposite family but dose not care. He hides from his friends and trespass on the Capulet land. Romo stands at Julets widow. Juleat comes onto the balkerny and speaks to the sky not knowing that Romo is there ” Romo, Romo were are thoug Romo” Romo responds and starts conpering her to an angel ( in the film Juleat is dressed as a angel for the party).

there is a lot more flerting romo askes Julet if she would sleep with him then says will they have a strong relashionship. She agrees and preposes despit in the same conversashion they have had not 100 words. he leves with a bit more love chat.

monday morning (around 7ish)

Romos Dad has a chat with the audiance saying that plants can be poisernes but also be grate helers wich is like people they can be good but they can also be very eveil. Romo enter and ones up to the hole thing and askes him to mary them. He agres because he thinks that this marring of to people in the familys can stop this fude. He is in fact rigth it dose stop the fude but in a difrent way than he thought.

Romo meats the nurse for wedding arrangements.

Romo and Juleat get maride .


lunch time

Mercushio and Benvolio are looking for a fight. Tybolt and his friends come along and they stars insulting each other. Then Romeo comes on and is saying that he loves Tybolt as they are family (Tybalt is Julets cosine). Tybolt and Mercusho draw swords and fight but Romeo stops them. But Tybolt stabs Mercuseo under Romoes arm. Of stage Mercuso diyes but in the film his deth seams to be played out longer. I think that that is proberbly because we are reading it and not dooing the play. Romoe goes after Tybolt. Again in the film it seams to be beter but this is down to what they can do. When Romeo kills Tybolt (in the film) he dose it in front of a stacyou of Jeese, this I think is dramatic irony because we know that Romeo will cermit the oltermit sin later on the play and hear he kills a man infront of Jeeses.

Romeo is banished from Verona. On his last knight he goes to see Juleat there. He stays the night. Meanwill down stars Lady Capulet and Capulet are descusing with Paris marrig arangments for Juleat.

They hed upstais to tell Julet. They don’t see Romeo but when they tell Julet about her maring Paris she says no wich makes Capulet angry.


Julet is toking to Frier Lawrence about her being sad about Romeo. Julet says that she will kill her self if they don’t think of a solushion wich is a big bit of drmatic ironey. So Frier Lawrence came up with a plane. He gave Julet some poshern to take that will make her fall into a deep sleep. She will be colected by Romeo (who will be told by Frier John) and they will live happily ever after. But she must agree to marry Julet.

Julet goes back and tells her Dad and Mum that she will marry Paris. She does a big speak and takes the poshern.


There is a big fuss about the weding. The Nerse goes up to see Julet and it terns out she is ded (dramatic irone).

Frier John can’t make it to tell Romeo about the plane witch is a big link to fate in that Frier John is stopped by a something that is controlled by god. This then means that Romeo thinks that Juleat is really dead.

The final act is (in my opinion) better in the film than in the play because there seams to be more of a rush to get there than in the play. The irony is that because Romeo kills him self with Juleat there he is trying to get to his deth.

Romeo gets some poison and takes it to Julets toom were before taking it kills Paris witch is another reason I prefer the film to the play because Paris dose not get killed in the film wich makes it more realistic. Julet kills her self. The end of the play consist of Frier Lorenc telling every one what happened and the family’s make up.


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