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‘That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold.’ This shows that Lady Macbeth is stronger and more mainly than people who’s job seams to suggest they should be able to drink a lot.

‘Had he not resembled My father as he slept, I had done ’t.’ I think this shows that even though she seams a monster she dose have some moral line. It also shows she must have had some sort of positive relainshonship with her dad.

‘My hands are as red as yours, but I would be ashamed if my heart were as pale and weak.’ her main weapon agents macbeth is making him feal week and unworthy.

‘A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight.’ i think this line makes her seam quite hypercritical because she said she could not kill Duncan because he looked like his dad but now she is saying mecbeth is week for regretting killing somebody.

‘Didn’t you say something?’ this shows that Lady Macbeth is keen to know what happened. it makes her seam undignified and all of her self pride and high class is forgotten when she just wants to know what happened.

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who is to blame for king Duncan’s death

THE KING IS DEAD, THE KING IS DEAD, but who is to blame. Who could do a thing like this. Well in my opinion there are three culprits non of witch are completely to blame non of witch are completely innocent. These three are, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, and the witches.

Macbeth is key to the death of King Duncan as he is the one who killed him but I believe that that of all the possible culprits he is least to blame. He is a person who was manipulated by Lady Macbeth and by the witches. He organelle was confused and for a time did not want to go through with it but lady macbeth was able to manipulate him into committing the murder.

the witches are a culprit who you might not think of straight away. But with out them the idea and motive will never be given to Macbeth. The idea to kill the king was, however, not the witches. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth interpreted that to become king they must kill the king when infarct Duncan may have died by other means.

Now if I was forced to pick a main culprit I would have to pick Lady Macbeth. she is devoice and can manipulate any one to do anything. When she herd the news she never had any doubt that killing the king would be the only answer. With out here Macbeth would never have been confidant enough to go through with killing the king. At know point did she ever not intend to commit murder. That is why I believe that Lady Macbeth is most to blame for the killing of King Duncan.

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My lovely wife. I have news that will bring great news to you. The battle was long and brutal many of my comrades lay down there lives but we were able to rise up and crush are enemy. It was my hand that cut down Mcdonald with my own hands. You my love, will be surprised to learn that this is not the most dazzling thing to happen to me today. The stars must have been shining on me that day because not only did the battle go well, I also ran in with the most amazing creatures. If they human or not I still do not know but what I do know is that they could do some startling things. You remember me saying that I killed Mcdonald well this has lead me to be given the tittle of Thane of Corrode. But my love this fact was not mown to these strange things yet they were able to tell me such. This however is only a taster of what happened. They also told me a great thing. That I would be king. My love I am so confused it is news that I so very wish could be true but I don’t see how it could be. This is news that I think would become clear if I were to have your judgment. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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Saving Private Ryan review (SPOILERS)

PLOT A group of eight solders, led by Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) must fight their way across occupied France to save the life of one young man by the name of Ryan.

Steven Speilberg makes two types of film; the emotional epic, and the hard to watch gritty, scary film. What makes Saving Private Ryan unique is that it has bits of both. Films like E.T and Indiana Jones tell incredible stories that are big and epic but Spielberg can also make a film that can be hard to watch ether because of its intensity or because it is scary. Saving Private Ryan can be either, depending on how the viewer watches it.

When I think of war films I tend to think of a 1970s something film that is watched at 12 to 3 on a weekend afternoon – often just on in the background. Saving Private Ryan can be this but I think that it comes alive when you sit down and watch it with your undivided attention.

This film is famed for its first 30 mins, they are hard to watch and very, very intense. When it was first made no other film had shown the D-day landings as unglamorously as this. Jansuz Kanminsli’s cinematography (which he won an Oscar for) is what makes the first 30mins, and the whole film, so gritty. At points the camera is following the characters, at some points it even gets a bit of blood on it. Spielberg sets the tone for the film by seemingly introducing us to characters in the first few minutes and then brutally murdering them. For an audience used to miraculous and incredible escapes from Speilberg’s characters this is a shocking opening.

Rober Rodat’s screenplay is bought to life by a host of brilliant performances. The cast includes names like Matt Damon, Vin Diesel and many more. But the character of Captain Miller (the everyday man who has been forced into a war) is played superbly by Tom Hanks (who was nominated for an Oscar for this role). Tom Hanks is able to make the character of Captain Miller both commanding and confident but also unsure and confused.

VERDICT Saving Privet Ryan is a masterpiece. It tells a unique story in a very unique way. After watching it you never know if you enjoyed it and I think that as long as it makes you think then this film has achieved what it set out to do.

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Richard Parker’s Perspective

This is the scene we have been studying at school.

What is that sound. It’s a sort of groaning. Wait, that sound means food. Must be food time. Food food food food food. I never liked this hallway. It seems a cramped and dark, but anyway, food food food. Oh, look it’s one of those things that gives me food and its holding food. Hurray. Hang on, I haven’t seen him before. He’s smaller than the usual person. “Hello, small food person, hello.”

Now slowly does it. Sloooowly, we are going in for the bite. The meat looks juicy today.

Hang on, what’s going on. That big person that usually gives me food is running at me. Oh my God, it just roared. Run for it.

Now that was uncalled for. First I think it’s food time, then they try to kill me. Wait, it’s that sound again. Food food food food. What’s going on here then? Oh look, a sort of small horse thing. It does not seem to be running away and what a funny sound it’s making. Well survival of the fittest and if the small horse is not going to run then I’m having it. Food food food food and pounce.

Got you now. Pull and through these wired, iron bars. Lovely. Now for the feast.

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My Survival Story

The trip had not been a good one. It was only after getting on board the Freedom Of The Seas, which was a very big boat, that Jerry realised he suffered from sea sickness. Jerry had hoped this trip would give him some time to relax, but instead he had just been lying his room only ever getting up to go to the toilet, or to be sick in it. Lying in his bed was what he was doing when a torpedo hit the side of the boat like a hunter’s bullet hitting the side of a fat hippo.

Lucky for Jerry it had happened on the other side of the boat so he had a full seven seconds before he knew of this.
The seven seconds passed and the door flung open to reveal a very stressed looking steward. Jerry wondered what could possible have made him that stressed.
“There’s been a massive explosion. Everyone has to get to the life boats now!” said the steward.
Ah that would explain it. Jerry leaped up and went for the door. When he got there he saw a wave of people. As he put one foot forward he saw a wall of dark, brown water push its way through the celling and begin to submerged the people beneath. Jerry slammed his door and locked it. He knew this would hold the water back for maybe 20 seconds at the most. Jerry looked around. No windows, no other doors, but there was a air vent leading straight up. He pulled out the cupboard and placed a chair on top. He got on the chair and with all his strength pulled the vent off. To this day he still has no idea how he managed this; maybe the adrenaline kicked in, maybe he was stronger than he remembered (although he doubted this) or maybe the vent was just very old. Jerry grabbed the sides of the vent and pulled himself up. The vent didn’t go to the left or right but only up, in one long tunnel to where he hoped he could get a lifeboat. He began to climb. Barely had he taken one heave of his body when the water smashed through the door and gushed up the air vent. Engulfing him.
Jerry woke up facing the stars. They were pretty. He was glad if this was what being dead was like. It was then that somebody stood on his hand and all his senses came to. He was back in hell. Sitting up he saw he was on the top deck. How he got there he had know idea. His legs would only just take his weight. Balancing himself he made for the side of the boat, hoping against hope that there might be one lifeboat left. Somehow there were two boats still there. That’s when the boat started to tilt. If he had not already bean holding on to the railing, he would have joined many people in sliding along the boats floor before hitting the cold Pacific Ocean. Jerry knew that if the ship was going to sink like this, it would be better to be at the end of the boat not already submerged in water. He began to use the railing as a make shift ladder. As he climbed, it occurred to Jerry that it was only now that he was taking in what was happening. After about 11 minutes of climbing, his arms were really starting to burn. After 17 minutes, his hands went numb and after 23 minutes he was very tempted to just fall of the ladder.
When Jerry got to the top, exhausted and dripping with sweat and water, he saw only 27 other people there. They all waited at the top of that boat, soaking wet, standing in the cold. It took thirty minutes for the whole boat to sink. And it took 29 minutes for the rescue helicopters to get there.

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The Battle of the Cowshed

This is stupid. How on earth are we going to beat these people? They have guns and knives. I’m just a sheep. How can a sheep have any hope of surviving? I trust the pigs and I trust Snowball but when their plan involves us just milling about while the humans are running at us with all manner of weapons, I start to wonder if they truly know what they are doing.

There go the pigeons. With any luck the men will be startled and think we are well prospered. The geese are now attacking. Where Snowball gets these brilliant ideas, I will never know. The pigeons and geese are trying their best but I don’t think they going to beat the men.

They didn’t. I guess that means we are up.


Here we go. I don’t understand how Snowball can be this confidant. He is a quite brilliant leader. Despite that, this battle is not going quite as well as we hoped. Wait, there’s the signal for retreat. Ha! They have fallen for it. Now let’s show ‘em who’s boss.


Take that and that. This is jolly good fun. And look, there goes Snowball running straight at Mr Jones. Wait, Jones is going to shoot Snowball. Now, someone stop him.

Ohh. What was that? I feel strange. Did Snowball get shot?

Good. Thank God. Thank God.I wonder why Jones didn’t fire. What’s this red stuff? I am starting to feel very strange.

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From reading, 10 new words and their definitions

From The Hobbit

Throng – a large group of people gathered or crowded closely together;

Transcription – the process of writing something down

Primly – very formal and correct in behaviour and easily shocked by anything rude

Seldom – almost never

Inconveniencing – causing problems or difficulties for someone

Goblin – small, ugly creature that is harmful to humans

Quarrelling – arguing

Incantations – the performance of words that are believed to have a magical effect when spoken or sung

Troll – an imaginary, either very large or very small creature in traditional Scandinavian stories, that has magical powers and lives in mountains or caves

From Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Hard Luck

Entourage – a group of attendants or associates.

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How Orwell makes every thing seem alright.

Squealer makes the animals feel bad by telling the other animals that Napoleon is making the hard choice.

“I trust that every animal here appreciates the sacrifice that Comrade Napoleon has made.”

Orwell begins Squealer’s speech by addressing the other animals. This makes the animals feel guilty about blaming Napoleon and more eager for him to be in charge. This reminds me of the time when the pigs took the apples and milk and said that they were doing it for the benefit of the other animals. When Squealer is lecturing the animals about Napoleon, he is saying that being in charge is a thing that is bad and very hard work. People in Russia who might not like what Stalin is doing might also not want to speak out against it because Stalin freed the people from the Tsar.

Another language device that Orwell use is Relative clause.

“but sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then were should we be?”

By adding comrades Orwell has made it clear that Squealer is speaking to every one. This makes the other animals, that Squealer is speaking to, more determined to work together. Squealer also adds a little threat, although very cleverly. He says that if the pigs don’t get what they want then bad things will happen but the bad things that will happen wont be done by the pigs, and also saying that the pigs can prevent the bad things if they get what they want.

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Responsive Acrostic

(response to Flannan Isle)

Wild horses gallop with glee,
Atmospheric sky spells stormy doom,

Typhoon twirls in its new dress,
Excited storm beats the cowardly cliff,

Rowdy rain pummels Flannan Isle.


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