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How is hypocrisy shown. Chap 24

In this chapter Miss Merriwether is addressing a group of women and Scout. And in this she says
“There’s nothing but sin and squalor”
She is referring to the people that J.Grime.Evert has found. Her point to Scout is that Macomb is a good place to live because it’s a Cristian and good in morals. However there has just been a obvious miscarriage of justice. Miss Merriweather is saying how good and God loving they are in Macob yet many things have happend

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Chap 22. The change in the kids characters

“It was Jem tern to cry”
This is the first line we get in chapter 22. I believe is very important to growth of both Jem and Scout. Firstly for Jem because of the obvious. His hopes and expectations have been crushed. Jem had a trust that the people of Macomb where good people and now he can see there not, this destroys him.

However this line also reflects on Scout and her personality. She could have said something as simple as Jem started to cry and we would have got the same picture. However the uses of “tern” shows that Scout feels they are now equal.

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Chapter 16

In this chapter of To Kill A Mocking Bird we build up to the trial of Tom Robinson. Harper lee is bring us closer to the main event in the book and there are many different things going on.

“Four Negors rose and gave us their front-row seats”
I am assuming that the black people are giving up their seats because they have to. This then tells us a very helpful thing to note about the people of Charming. The people that take the seats are Jem, Scout, Dill and the Revrand. These are all people we would assume would think twice about just going along with the segregation. It shows that racism is very deeply inbeded with the culture.

“Judge Taylor looked like most judges I had ever seen.” This is thought bye Scout about the judge who is incharg of the Tom Robbinson case. This is a brilliant way for the reader to get an immediate understanding of what judge Taylor looks like. It also shows that Scout is use to seeing judges leading us to believe she has been here before.

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Chapter 15: How is tension created

In this chapter of To Kill A Mocking Bird, their is a scene where Atticus is confronted bye a small group of men intent on harming Tom Robinson. Scout unintentionally stops the men attacking Atticus. Throughout this scene we are left not knowing what is going to happen. Harper Lee is able to make the reader feel concern for the well-being of all the characters involved.

“H-ey, Atticus”. This quote is simple but gives us one very important detail, that Scout know longer feels safe. Before she says this she is glad to see Atticus and runs to him, but once she sees the reaction of Atticus and the other men, it begins to dawn on Scout that this is not a safe place. This is shown very clearly in the use of a hyphen. Scout is questioning Atticus, Scout has lost her pervious confidence.

“He put the news paper down very carefully” This quote shows that Atticus is doing trying to do one of two things. Firstly he could be simply stalling. Bye taking longer he can think of ways to deal with this situation showing us that Atticus is nervous. The other possibility is that Atticus is trying to intimidate the group bye seaming to not notice the danger. This also shows us that this is a dangerous situation and winning may well keep Atticus alive.

“It’s owner was a shadow”. This is possible the best quote. It is really able to paint a picture of a faceless crowd. Making us understand how scary this scene is. The fact the crowd is a shadow seams to make the crowd out to be inhuman, with no gilt, compassion or understanding making the task of keeping them away even harder and creates even more tension.

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Chap 13

In this chapter the aunt came to stay with them. Jem and Sciut didn’t want her to stay. She believe that Scout should be more like a girl. She belies that both Jem and Scout should know more about the Finch family. Aticus has t tell them this but doesn’t want to.

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Chapter 12.

Calpourneiaa is shown as a very damaged person.
She is shown to lead a double life. This leads us to think that she is actualy very lonely. She can’t be a member of the Finch family and is excluded from the black community. She is neither here nor there. Neither a Finch or a solid member if the community.

“It was only then I realised she lead a double life”

This is the quote that shows us all of this.

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Chapter 11

I believe there is cordage coming from a Scout. She dose not have to go to visit the old laddy yet she dose anyway.
This shows us that she has a strong love for he brother. She will stand bye her brother even tho it’s hard.

“She scared me” this tells us that is wasn’t easy. It took courage from Scout.

“She’s so nasty. She has fits and spits a lot”

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My Reading Project

I have decided to do my project on how the media shows are solders in different wars.

So far the things I have done for this are reading the book Band Of Brothers. The only other things I no for shaw I will do are watch the film Apocalypse Now and the documentary Dirty Wars. I don’t no what else I will do.

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Chap 9: what we learn about Atticus

“Wanted me to here every word he said”

This is the last phrase in chapter 9. Atticus has been saying what’s going to happen and how Scout should be. Scout believes that she is listening secretly however we then relies that Atticus knows she is there.

This tells us that Atticus is actually quite sly. He is looking to teach Scout and has found a sneaky and clever way of getting his message across. It also shows he is a very aware person and adaptable. As he is able to realise that Scout is listening and then tern it into a teaching session. It shows us his cleverness and how he is teaching his children.

Is also shows us that he is a detailed man, the use of “every word” shows us he thinks about what he says and how he says.


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