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The Dystopia

The television shook. “It is your honer to be here. Most people only think that I am doing this for the wrong reasons. Well after this there will be no more of that. I want to make it clear that if there is any more of this, there will be very grave punishments.”
The speech ended and the TV lock stopped. We flicked back over to JMTV. It was Coronation City.
“Do we have to watch this crap.” The words came over from my house mate Stuart. I looked over.
His beer was resting on his chest and his book, “How To Be Good”, was over his face. “If you don’t want to watch go get some food.” I said starring back at the TV.
“But we don’t have any thing in.” I looked over, the flickering bulb that had been Stuwarts reading light had flicked of casting a shadow over the man. When it flicked back on his bear had fallen to the floor and the liquid was escaping from its tin prison.
“Then go to the shops and get a takeaway or shut up and I’ll get it later.” My argument was strong espeically for a man like Stuart. He was a big man with a big hart, he was also a very big eater. The only time he was not eating was when he was sleeping or shopping for food. He got up and walked out of the room. About 5 minutes later he came back in holding a Pizza delivery menu.
“What you want?”
“What is there?” I asked with a sense of boredom.
“The normal. Merciful Margarita or Perverted Pepperoni.”
“Surprise me.”
“You always say that.”
“I always like surprises.”
It was only then that I noticed the advertisements had begun. “Do you like surprises when you’re ordering your pizza? Well if that’s a yes you should order from Dominions.” The voice was high and polished. It occurred to me that the advert and our conversation were an incredible coincidence, but we both ignored it and went about ordering from are normal pizza place, Dominions Mark 2.
About 10 minutes later a hot smoking pizza was on my lap and the TV was booming. Stuart had set it to his favourite programme “The News”. They were showing of the latest radio sets and sound equipment.
“I don’t get this programme” tossing my finished needel on the floor. “The presenters normally do serious programmes, like Shawn Farer was hosting Big Brother. Now its this.” The question was more just a way to get Stuart really angry.
“It’s to show people what the new stuff is, from clothes and cars to sex and slaves.” His answer was almost rehearsed.
“Yeh but we would never consider getting a prostitute. And we can barely afford water let alone a car”
“Shut up and eat your pizza.”
” I already have”
“Then shut up and smoke your weed.”
” I already have and anyway I inject it”
“Go #<%^ yourself, or shut up. The choice is yours.”
Normally, I would have persisted until he got to the point of attacking me, but suddenly the flashlights from the local helicopter beamed into the room and outside I saw the billboard screen flick to a picture of us. This could only mean that the Tag Man was right outside.
“Oh £@$*!” I felt the words leave my mouth before I could stop them.
“What is it now?”
“It’s *£&* Tag Man.”
Stuwart jumed to his feet and ran to the door. Before I could join him, the glass shattered and a figure appeared. It was a man, tall and blond. I thought that it had bean a woman before, but then I had not watched “Tag Man” for a long time. He was about to get me when Stuart smacked a table on him.
“Come on! You want to die? It’s only two days till next month and your too bloody slow to catch any body else.” His words snapped me back to myself. We ran down stairs. Stuart threw me the house gun.
“DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A £@$!^%$ DART?” Before I could give him the gun back, the Tag Man was looming over us. The gun went off before I could stop it, straight through the man’s chest. I fired again, this time it went trough is leg. It took three more shots to finish off Tag Man. I looked over to Stuart. He gave me a warm smile and a thumbs up. Then I lost consciousness. The last thing i saw was a poster of are priminester. The caption read “James Merdoc is your leader”.


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my story

Cold wet mud. Cold wet cloths. Cold wet bed. Cold wet food. No change there then. How can it be that a man can live is hole life in these condition’s knowing that there is something better out there, but yet I would not rather live any were else. There were all kinds of people hear tall, thin, fat, short, legless, arm less, footless and even some people who had 10 toes on one foot. Me, I am a third generation ‘Deviation’ which means that my Gran and Granddad were chased out of the Good Lands. They would tell me stores about how stupid people were back there, thinking that people having 11 fingers were some how ungodly. Aparently they kill the children who have any thing wrong with them.

It had been along time since the Bringers had left for the town Wacknuk, but now after about 3 weeks thé Bringers had arived with food and a few people who had recently escaped from the Good Lands. But what I was bothered was my brother. It was the first time he had left on a Bringers experdishion in years. The last time he had left on a experdishion he had killed a man with his bow and arrow. It had taken a long time for him to recover. But he was good now healthy, happy and most importantly full of food.

Cold wet mud, cold wet cloths, cold wet bed, hot warm food. Things were good and I my brother was back. He was the only family I had now my mum and dad had been killed when they were running from a petrol. There last act was to tell my brother to hold me and wate in the bush he was there when my parents were cut down he saw the joy in the killers faces. He was there when the people comited gods will.

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What makes a man/woman

I think that feelings make a human like love, hate, anger, envy. There are others but that is what in my view makes us different to animals. Animals can not love they only survive with no interest in feeling. Most animals don’t even stay with their mating partners.

Apr 28, 2013 - Communication    1 Comment

my thorghts on the book

What I would like to know is when is this book soposed to be set. The cover seems to show that this book is set in the fucher. But I think is says that there are steam engins.

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Our Report Script

There as today been an attack on the LNS playground, 8 boys have been seriously injured and traumatised by Peter ‘The Ninja’. Witnesses say that he ran out of the lunch hall screaming that there had been no raps, and then violently knocked to the ground the 8 closest boys to him. The names of the boys have not been realeast for privercy reasons. After the event we managed to get an interview with the head police officer in charge.

We know he was not in the wright state of mind we the attack took place. We have sent the boy to a physiologist to see what was wrong with him at the time, but currently we are trying to do all we can for the injured victims. That is all we can say at the moment.

We hope to gain more information as the story progreses.

Arthur Davies Reaporting from the Lns playround.


This looks good, Arthur!

I suggest you replace the word “Floored” with something a little less colloquial, like knocked to the ground.

This would lend itself brilliantly to having a sound bite from a witness to the atrocity.


Feb 26, 2013 - Communication    1 Comment

This is a true and not true.

A boy age 4.With the name Arthur (me) was today attced by a Pecok. The boy had gone with his family to the local zoo. The family had unknowingly gone on a day when there was a supervised animal free day.
The boy had approached the Peacock with out a family member. The animal had broken it’s cage and attacked the young boy. A witness said that “the boy was so quick”. The zoo had nothing to say.

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Prince Harry a great shot.

On Wednesday the 24th Prince Harry peed on a man’s head. John Lucas friend of the young prince said, in a interview with Piers Morgan, that “after a drink we went to the top of the palace and we dared him to stand on the side of the palace. He took it further, he took down his trousers and the next thing we knew he was telling us to run.”

The unfortunate recipient of this royal gift was the head Reverend William Black-Stone, of Bristol cathedral. The priest was at the palace for a special service remembering John F Kennedy. William Black-Stone said that “I was looking forward to my trip to the palace. This incident should not shape the young man’s life. The Prince is a growing person who will make mistakes just like the rest of us. I have spoken to Prince Harry, and we have put it behind us.”
The Prince left a statement saying simply “sorry”. This whole affair highlights just how normal the Royal family can be. The Archbishop of Canterbury is still recovering from his injuries that he received after fainting, on hearing the news that Prince Harry had been the one to spoil a great day.

Feb 4, 2013 - Communication    1 Comment

Question: Why is will it take so long to build HS2?

The HS2 official website ( says that one of the reasons the rail line will take until 2033 to complete is because the government needs to submit a bill to Parliament and then get the bill passed. This will take two years. The build is also in two phases. Phase one, the route to Birmingham, will take until 2026 to complete. The discussion about whether phase two can go ahead will only begin in 2015. HS2 is the biggest transport project undertaken for a generation. HS1, from London to the Channel Tunnel took 15 years, from the Tunnel’s opening in 1994 until it began operating in 2009.
Another reason it will take such a long time is because the scheme is controversial. Some people do not want HS2 to be built and the government has to take their views into account. For example, the group Stop HS2 object to the project on environmental grounds. Stop HS2 says that 162 wildlife sites are threatened (see
HS2 will take a long time to build because it is a very complicated technical and engineering challenge. It is also very controversial and there is a lot of criticism about the plan, so it will take a long time for government to pass the bills that will allow HS2 to be built.

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Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet – one of Shakespeare’s greatest works – is constantly filled with references to fate.
In this essay I will be talking about key elements that suggest fate in the play. In Romeo and Juliet there are many references to their own death. This will be my first subject. My second topic will be the way in which Romeo loses his faith. For the third paragraph there will be a complicated paradox.

” I fear, too early, for my mind misgives
Some consequence yet hanging in the stars
Shall bitterly begin his fearful date
With this night’s revels, and expire the term
Of a despised life clos’d in my breast
By some vile forfeit of untimely death.
But He that hath the steerage of my course
Direct my sail! On, lusty gentlemen!”

In this quote Romeo is saying to the audience that if he enters this party, the events that will follow will cause his passing (this is the party where he will meet Juliet and set off the events that will lead to his death.) This is the first main point in the play where Romeo talks about his death. What Romeo is saying is even though he knows going to this party will eventually course his death, he is willing to let God make the decisions for him.
This tells the reader two things: one that Romeo is obviously very religious, and two, that Romeo is clearly predicting his death. The image Shakespeare uses to show this is that God is the captain and Romeo is the ship.

In the times of Shakespeare’s plays religion was as important as politics. Shakespeare uses this to his advantage. Romeo losing his faith could be argued to be the real tragedy. The quote above implies that Romeo is willing to put his life in danger if God wants him to.
“I defy you stars”
This is very important for Romeo as it means he is so in love with Juliet that he is willing to forget God. This gives more reason for Romeo to kill himself. In the film the death of Tybalt comes in front of a statue of Jesus. Killing, in the eyes of Christians, is the second worst sin that you can commit. This then shows that he is gradually losing his faith. First he slays Tybalt in front of Jesus, then he commits suicide in a Church, the home os God.

Suicide, in those days, was considered the worst sin of all as it took the choice about whether a person lives or dies away from God. Many times in the play, God controls events that lead to Romeo’s suicide. This implies that Romeo it is not Romeo’s fault that he committed suicide. The best example of this is when Frier John is stopped from delivering the message because of a disease which causes the area that he is staying in to be quarranteened. If that message, telling Romeo that although Juliet looked dead, she was still loving, had reached Romeo, he would not have committed suicide. Maybe what is happening here is that Romeo’s suicide has been controlled by God but for a different reason than we may first presume. After Romeo and Juliet’s bodies are discovered, the Capulets and the Montegues decide to end their argument and draw up a truce. God has used these two young people’s suicides to stop the ongoing disagreement which could have led to war and the deaths of many more people.

As we have seen, Shakespeare uses fate in many ways. However, in my opinion, the most important way in which fate is used is to direct the plot. Fate makes people do things and events happen in a story which do not need to be explained in other ways. It is like an unseen force directing characters. In those times fate was God.


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