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Jan 8, 2015 - Communication    1 Comment

What happens if you break a social contract. CHAP 1

The theory behind a social is very interesting. The characters in the book to kill a mockingbird. The character of Boo has meany different aspects to a social contract around him. Most of the people in the town have created this hole system around the house of Boo’s house. This social system has created a story and reason for people to ignore the people that are different. They crest stories and excuses not to except the normal people.

An example of this would be in places were it’s still found apron to be gay. In these community’s and households the people will often cover up or ignore the fact. Almost so they do t have to confront or deal with the differences.

“People said he existed but Jem and I had never seen him”
This quote shows that even tho the people say he’s real people try to forget they saw him. Like they are trying to blank out the people who have differences.

Dec 14, 2014 - Communication    1 Comment

Is the cinema still needed?

In our modern lives it is easier than ever to get what we need, and want, straight from the web – whether it be legal or illegal. Film is a great example of how the internet and advancements in technology have affected the whole industry.

In the early days of film the cinema was the only way for people to experience films. People would flock to the early silent films looking for an escape from the boring world they lived in. Films such as The Wizard Of Oz and Gone With The Wind truly shocked people with the scope and color of their visuals. The cinema was something the whole world saw as magic. But as time went on, the world became use to the magic of cinema. Then people started to get hold of TVs and DVDs and cinema began to slowly become the more expensive version of sitting with your family in your own house. Then along came the web. It is now possible for films to be found online before their released in cinemas.

Now while there are many debates on the subject of film and piracy I want to try to stay well away from that argument and debate. Piracy is not the subject of this piece.

There are some movies that benefit massively from the big screens and surrounded sound. Whether you’re a film buff, a group of over exited teenagers or a family of four there is no feeling quite like sitting down in a cinema and seeing those opening credits. It’s an experience that can never be recreated, no matter the sound quality or HD of your home cinema. In my view sitting down to watch a film at the cinema is a cultural thing that should not be stopped just because it’s easier or cheaper to wait until they come out on DVD or on Netflix.

Most of the people I know that complain about going to cinema focus about prices for tickets and while I will admit whole heartily that the cost of food and refreshments is one massive con, I still believe that we shouldn’t dismiss the option of the cinema, just because the tickets are high in price. We’re willing to spend massive amounts of money on clothes and food but I challenge you to think of a meal or piece of clothing that brings you as much joy as when you leave the cinema at age eight or nine after having just watched a film that you thought was incredible. No matter who you are, you’ll have experienced the feeling of walking out of a cinema having just had your mind blown by a film. A great film can stay with you forever. And that’s why film and cinema is so unique. You can be struck by almost any aspect of the film, from cinematography, to directing, to acting, to the importance and relevance of the story or maybe by just one really cool slow motion shoot-out. Seeing a film on a big screen shuts out the rest of the world so you can fully concentrate on what’s being played in front of you.

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We should not expect are online private information to stay private

This argument has meny diffrent sides to it. One it’s just not rite for big bussines and govement agency’s to watch every move we make. Two it’s not rite that people think that they need to put all there information online.

My stance is that are relationship towords privacy and the internet should be that we should want are privacy but not be so shocked when it gooses bad. It would be like walking down a street at night with a case of one million pounds, if you do it forever you will be robed. If you keep you privet info on the web forever you will have it stolen.

Nov 21, 2014 - Communication    1 Comment

celebs have the right to privacy

In this modem world we live in we often think it’s are right to know every thing about those who have found success. But it’s my opinion that this is as much are right than it is for a postman to look at are post. Before I get really stuck in I believe it’s important to define what we are saying is a celebrity. My definition of a celeb is that it’s a person who has done/dose something that thrust them into the limelight and dose what they do for what they do and not for being famous. Those people who do it for being famous are a different story. Now back to my original point. My theory is that people are naturally curios about other people, wether they are famous or not. We are always looking for dirt and when things like magazines can give us a constant and ever dirtier supply of dirt we can’t help but lap it up. If there was a magazine that gave us the dirt on are friends and family we would read that just as eagerly.

And dose what they do because they love what they do and not the fame and fortune.

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Re-write of article.

Former footballer needs are help!!

Gazza, 46, ended up in hospital this week after a mammoth booze binge.

Paul Gasgoin, 46, went into hospital this week after he consumed a dangerous amount of alcohol.

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Books v cigarets

[gview file=”If are book consumption remains as low as it has been. let us admit that it is because reading is a exciting pastime than going to the dogs, pictures or pub. Not because books are to expensive

Nov 9, 2014 - Communication    1 Comment

Course work

I think if I was forced to give an honest answer I would say that I prefer the rain. It has that feeling of equality, like no matter how much money, no matter how much wealth you have, you can’t run from the rain. It’s about now that a hard slap to the leg brings me out of this sate of thinking. I look up and see Susan.
“You gonna move up now?” she says, knowing full well that she has all the power. I move over. She takes the place I have left for her, not a word of thanks leaving her overly worked lips. I look out of the window, the rain still pounding the cheap glass. I catch the eye of a woman walking along the sidewalk. She’s probably on the way to work, I can’t help but think that she’s just another forgettable office worker working at just another forgettable office. I wonder what she would think of me, probably that I was just another forgettable teen, on just another half empty school bus, sitting next to just another high-school slut and you know what, she would be right.

Ten minuets later, the bus begins to slow down, to let yet another poor kid onto this bus from hell. Despite the fact that I make this trip every day I still only ever remember three different stops. Firstly, Tim and Tina. Tim’s my best mate and Tina is his younger sister. The third one is Liam, I don’t really know if I can count him because he gets on at my stop, but I might as well. In all the years we have known each other we have never got to know one another. I think he lives about five minutes from my house, but in all our years of being neighbours I struggle to think of a time when we were neighbourly.

DAMN!! it suddenly occurs to me that I was supposed to complete a sheet for Math.

“What?” I realise that my sudden thought was actually said out loud. I begin to answer her, explaining the whole situation. Out of the corner of my eye I see a boy of about fifteen. Even with my bad memory I know that I have never seen this boy before. I start to turn my head but before I can really get a look at him he has pulled out a pump-action shot-gun and blown our bus driver away.

Chaos and panic explode from everyone on the bus. Liam stands up waving a revolver. At the back of the bus another kid who I only know by face stands up, he too holds a pistol. The bus roars into action and we drive off.

Ten minutes later, the kid who I only recognised by his face is standing at the front of the bus looking out the front window. The kid who shot the driver is behind the wheel and Liam is sitting looking straight at me and eleven other terrified teens. By now, they have crammed us into four rows of seats at the back of the bus. Despite the choas, I have managed to keep my window seat. Liam stands up and beings to speak.
“I know this might seem scary but I need every one of you to stay cool. Most of you probably won’t know what my name is. It’s Liam. The new boy driving is Casper and the other guy is Cameron.” From the back some dumb/brave kid stands and begins to open his mouth. Liam fires two rounds into the roof of the bus. The kid sits down, making his first wise decision of the day.

I look to my left and see the once proud and enigmatic figure of Susan has been replaced by a crying mess. It’s only now that I really get a sense of how important it is for girls to put makeup on.-

I wonder what time it is. Before I can stop myself I reach to my pocket and remember that all of our phones were taken. I’d be more angry but my birthday’s coming up and my Dad said he would get me one. I think back to the original question of what the time was. If I was forced to guess I would say it’s around nine, which means that unless Casper starts putting the peddle to the metal we ain’t getting to the school on time. So by my estimate that would mean the police would be alerted by no later than 9:30. Give them two or a bit hours to figure out what’s going on and track the bus down. Then an hour if they decide to give these guys whatever they want or half an hour if they come in all guns blazing. Then hour or so for questions and medical attention. Which means, by my estimate, this will all be done and dusted by around two. Or we’ll all be dead.

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How the hell did it get this bad this quick? I planned every little detail, police, star, codes. In the distance a police siren wails but it can’t be close because it it was id be dead.
“KENNY, WE NEED TO GO!!”. The police car come round the corner and I scamper up like a desperate dear. I leave the dead body of my friend be hind.

Oct 8, 2014 - Communication    1 Comment

Story through pictures

“Would you not say that the key of life is to gain knowledge. I believe it is. I also believe that it is important to spread that word to tell eny body who will listen what you know. You must be magnetic you must have the grace of a fish while having the pacitence of a turtle. What you cannot do is become a broken tape repeating and repeating if you do that you will bore the…”
Max sits there listening to this man speaking. He is board. He is sleepy he is alseep.

Oct 6, 2014 - Communication    1 Comment

How I live now

Why is she in England?

15 pounds for half an hour. What mugs are paying that much. Back to the normal space. As I drive round to the normal space I begin to scroll through the convosations I had with my Mum. All I can really remember is that she said this girl was some sort of rebel and to make shore that I call her bye some nick name only problem is I can’t remember it.


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