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A woman’s last word

I believe that this poem is referring to the Gardne of Eden. In stansa 5 there is a lot of evidence of this. There are references of red apples and “lest we loose are Edens” when the idea of the Garden of Enden is sergested most of what is being said could be linked to it.

In stansa 3
It says “see the creatures stalking” I believe that this is talking about the snake in the Story of the Garden Of Eden.

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soliloquy of the Spanish cloister.

The hole poem is shown in the first line of the poem.

“Gr-r-r—there go, my heart’s abhorrence!”

This is the first line of the poem and its gives us the image of a man who’s hart has been broken. From other evidence in the peom I believe that he is priest who’s has lost faith with God.


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