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Screen summary act 3 sceane 1

In this scean the key events are that Ceaser was stabed bye the polotitionts.

“One of two bad ways you must conceit me” This is said bye Antony to a group of politions. What he is saying is that he dose not want people to look up to him. Just because the are scared or because they want to get in his good books.

Oct 5, 2015 - Communication    No Comments

Drama this flesh is mine. Background information

palatine and Israel are two countries that have a bitter rivalry. A conflict gas been going on for many years. The reason is that each side believes they are entitled the certain areas of land, the most important area is a place called the Gaza Strip. This is where a lot of the conflict has taken place.

Ajax is in Homer’s Iliad and a number of poems about the trojan war. He is described as a big man. He kills him self after the battle. Showing us that he is a man of pride and values his honour greatly.

A Phoenix is most greatly known as a mythological bird that can rises from the ashes of its previous bird. He raised Achiels from a child.


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