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Drama Journal – this flesh is mine.

I’m doing act Act 1 Scene 1.

in this scnea there is Achilles, phonix and Ajax.
They are talking about the death of Patroclus. we realise that Patrolucs and Achiles had a long friendship. Hector was the one to kill him and he stole his armour. The cycle of vengence is talked about and Aciles is encouraged not to kill Hector in vengeance.

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How dose Shakespeare preset Ceasers deth

Ceasers deth is built up to in big ways. The previous speaking bye Ceaser says how he is indescribable. This is dramatic irony as we no that he is about to die. The end line also shows how Ceaser has been defeated because the man who is a god, all knowing, has been taken bye surprise when Brutus finally stabs Ceaser.

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How are the intentions of Brutus/Cassius

“And in the spirit of men there is no blood”
This is said bye Brutus to Cassius. He wants to get across that he is agents the overall killing of Ceaser. However he is willing to partake in the murder. He is saying that he murder is not realy the right thing.


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