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Apr 24, 2015 - Communication    1 Comment

How is hypocrisy shown. Chap 24

In this chapter Miss Merriwether is addressing a group of women and Scout. And in this she says
“There’s nothing but sin and squalor”
She is referring to the people that J.Grime.Evert has found. Her point to Scout is that Macomb is a good place to live because it’s a Cristian and good in morals. However there has just been a obvious miscarriage of justice. Miss Merriweather is saying how good and God loving they are in Macob yet many things have happend

Apr 18, 2015 - Communication    1 Comment

Chap 22. The change in the kids characters

“It was Jem tern to cry”
This is the first line we get in chapter 22. I believe is very important to growth of both Jem and Scout. Firstly for Jem because of the obvious. His hopes and expectations have been crushed. Jem had a trust that the people of Macomb where good people and now he can see there not, this destroys him.

However this line also reflects on Scout and her personality. She could have said something as simple as Jem started to cry and we would have got the same picture. However the uses of “tern” shows that Scout feels they are now equal.


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