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My Reading Project

I have decided to do my project on how the media shows are solders in different wars.

So far the things I have done for this are reading the book Band Of Brothers. The only other things I no for shaw I will do are watch the film Apocalypse Now and the documentary Dirty Wars. I don’t no what else I will do.

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Chap 9: what we learn about Atticus

“Wanted me to here every word he said”

This is the last phrase in chapter 9. Atticus has been saying what’s going to happen and how Scout should be. Scout believes that she is listening secretly however we then relies that Atticus knows she is there.

This tells us that Atticus is actually quite sly. He is looking to teach Scout and has found a sneaky and clever way of getting his message across. It also shows he is a very aware person and adaptable. As he is able to realise that Scout is listening and then tern it into a teaching session. It shows us his cleverness and how he is teaching his children.

Is also shows us that he is a detailed man, the use of “every word” shows us he thinks about what he says and how he says.

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Chapter 4

Why Jems is in the book.
In my opinion the main reason for Jem is so that Atticus/Scout can have a more obvious contrast.

“Not suppose to even touch those trees”

He is referring to the trees in Boos garden. This shows us that Jem is a good metaphor for the grater majority of The Macob people. Thus the righter can provide a way for the reader to see the different paths that both scout and Jem takes.

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What do we learn about resistance in chapter 8

After having her house bernt down she remains happy and positve. The fire took every thing away from her.

This chapter shows resilience in miss Maudi. She stattes
“I hated the old cow barn”

This shows a lot about miss Maudi. It shows she is obvisoly quite a positive person. This can also be reflected in how she sees diffrent people. For example her view of Boo is a nice and positive one.

Scout bakes this up when she says how shocked she was the miss Maudi was still interested in her and jeans affairs even after having her things destroyed.


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