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Jan 26, 2015 - Communication    1 Comment


“That’s what Jem said he throught he did”

This quote shows us that even tho Scout may not fully like her brother she still takes what he says as fact. This can show us that Scout does not have many other people to talk to. Jem is her main source of fact and she believe or at lest trust most of what he says. This could also show the tension that might arise between Jen and Miss Maudi both wanting to influence and teach Scout.

Jan 12, 2015 - Communication    1 Comment

Shame in chapter 2

Main character, Jean Luies, seams to have a respect from the other students in the school. When one of the students is challenged the responsibility of defending that person falls naturally on Scout. She seams to take this in her stride and enjoys being the defender. I believe that she dose this to defend her Dads name. Her farther is a lawyer and Scout wants to be able to not shame her farther. This I think is the key factor for Scout to rise up and defend the others, because she wants to feel no shame when see next sees her Dad.

Jan 8, 2015 - Communication    1 Comment

What happens if you break a social contract. CHAP 1

The theory behind a social is very interesting. The characters in the book to kill a mockingbird. The character of Boo has meany different aspects to a social contract around him. Most of the people in the town have created this hole system around the house of Boo’s house. This social system has created a story and reason for people to ignore the people that are different. They crest stories and excuses not to except the normal people.

An example of this would be in places were it’s still found apron to be gay. In these community’s and households the people will often cover up or ignore the fact. Almost so they do t have to confront or deal with the differences.

“People said he existed but Jem and I had never seen him”
This quote shows that even tho the people say he’s real people try to forget they saw him. Like they are trying to blank out the people who have differences.


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