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Is the cinema still needed?

In our modern lives it is easier than ever to get what we need, and want, straight from the web – whether it be legal or illegal. Film is a great example of how the internet and advancements in technology have affected the whole industry.

In the early days of film the cinema was the only way for people to experience films. People would flock to the early silent films looking for an escape from the boring world they lived in. Films such as The Wizard Of Oz and Gone With The Wind truly shocked people with the scope and color of their visuals. The cinema was something the whole world saw as magic. But as time went on, the world became use to the magic of cinema. Then people started to get hold of TVs and DVDs and cinema began to slowly become the more expensive version of sitting with your family in your own house. Then along came the web. It is now possible for films to be found online before their released in cinemas.

Now while there are many debates on the subject of film and piracy I want to try to stay well away from that argument and debate. Piracy is not the subject of this piece.

There are some movies that benefit massively from the big screens and surrounded sound. Whether you’re a film buff, a group of over exited teenagers or a family of four there is no feeling quite like sitting down in a cinema and seeing those opening credits. It’s an experience that can never be recreated, no matter the sound quality or HD of your home cinema. In my view sitting down to watch a film at the cinema is a cultural thing that should not be stopped just because it’s easier or cheaper to wait until they come out on DVD or on Netflix.

Most of the people I know that complain about going to cinema focus about prices for tickets and while I will admit whole heartily that the cost of food and refreshments is one massive con, I still believe that we shouldn’t dismiss the option of the cinema, just because the tickets are high in price. We’re willing to spend massive amounts of money on clothes and food but I challenge you to think of a meal or piece of clothing that brings you as much joy as when you leave the cinema at age eight or nine after having just watched a film that you thought was incredible. No matter who you are, you’ll have experienced the feeling of walking out of a cinema having just had your mind blown by a film. A great film can stay with you forever. And that’s why film and cinema is so unique. You can be struck by almost any aspect of the film, from cinematography, to directing, to acting, to the importance and relevance of the story or maybe by just one really cool slow motion shoot-out. Seeing a film on a big screen shuts out the rest of the world so you can fully concentrate on what’s being played in front of you.

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We should not expect are online private information to stay private

This argument has meny diffrent sides to it. One it’s just not rite for big bussines and govement agency’s to watch every move we make. Two it’s not rite that people think that they need to put all there information online.

My stance is that are relationship towords privacy and the internet should be that we should want are privacy but not be so shocked when it gooses bad. It would be like walking down a street at night with a case of one million pounds, if you do it forever you will be robed. If you keep you privet info on the web forever you will have it stolen.


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