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How the hell did it get this bad this quick? I planned every little detail, police, star, codes. In the distance a police siren wails but it can’t be close because it it was id be dead.
“KENNY, WE NEED TO GO!!”. The police car come round the corner and I scamper up like a desperate dear. I leave the dead body of my friend be hind.

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Story through pictures

“Would you not say that the key of life is to gain knowledge. I believe it is. I also believe that it is important to spread that word to tell eny body who will listen what you know. You must be magnetic you must have the grace of a fish while having the pacitence of a turtle. What you cannot do is become a broken tape repeating and repeating if you do that you will bore the…”
Max sits there listening to this man speaking. He is board. He is sleepy he is alseep.

Oct 6, 2014 - Communication    1 Comment

How I live now

Why is she in England?

15 pounds for half an hour. What mugs are paying that much. Back to the normal space. As I drive round to the normal space I begin to scroll through the convosations I had with my Mum. All I can really remember is that she said this girl was some sort of rebel and to make shore that I call her bye some nick name only problem is I can’t remember it.


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