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My question

My question is “how dose society view crime and how this is shown in different genres.

Bad Boys
The Departed

Wise guy
LA Confidential

Other Media:
Sin City: graphic novel
Smooth Criminal: Song

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My Life And Books.

Top five books read to me:
1:) Barbar The Elephant: Fantasy
2:) Thomas The Tank Engine: Fantasy, Adventure, Action
3:) You Choose:
4:) Famous Five: Crime
5:) Robin Hood: Adventure, Love Story

Top five books I have read:
1:) World War Z: Horror, war
2:) Harry Potter: Fantasy, Action, adventure
3:) Horrible Histories: Factual, Comedy
4:) Wolf Of Wall Street: Factual, comedy, crime
5:) The Numbers Game: Sport

Top Five books I have read at school
1:) Macbeth: play, Tragedy, Fantasy
2:) Romeo and Juliet: Love story, play, tragedy
3:) Enders Game: Sci-fi, Action
4:) The Chrysalids: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Adventure
5:) Animal Farm: Fantasy

Top five books I have really tried to read
1:) The Hobbit: Adventure, Fantasy
2:) Casino Royale: Crime, Spy, Thriller
3:) Jack Whitehall’s Autobiografie: Life, Factual
4:) Fever pitch: Sport
5:) War Of The Worlds: Sci-Fi, Horror.

Top five books I really want to read
1:) Wiseguy: Crime,
2:) Transporting: Crime
3:) Nothing Last Forever: Crime, Action
4:) Fever Pitch: Sport
5:) Silence Of The Lambs: Crime, Horror, Mystery

What I lernt from this is that it I don’t have a specific area in books that I enjoy. I think that I enjoy and gain mostly from different types of books. The reason for giving up on The Hobbit was because I had just finished The Hunger Games sires, this led to me being board of that type of book. It was the same story with Casino Royal. I gave up on Jack Whitehall’s Autobiography and Fever Pitch because I had other books that needed to be read. War Of The Worlds was just to hard to read.

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How dose Shakespeare construct our understanding of Lady Macbeth character?

Shakespeare presents Lady Macbeth as a proud, overly ambitious, woman. This is done by her saying and doing manly things.

“That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold”
This shows that Lady Macbeth is proud and pleased to be able to have participated in drinking. She is by herself when she says this, and I believe that this shows that she is pleased and proud to be able to have beaten men at doing something that is typically meant to be for men. Shakespeare uses “bold” to make Lady Macbeth seam drunk because people who have drunk a lot often seem cocky. This proves that she has actually drunk a lot and not just tricked the servants to drink more than her.

Shakespeare uses this quote to tell us something else. It shows us Lady Macbeth’s obvious disregard for class and social standing. For most of the play Lady Macbeth is shown to be like no other Jacobin woman, mostly through her murderous and controlling nature. But this quote may have been much more relatable for the people watching the play. This is because class was something that was more relevant to the people in that era. Alcohol, particular beer, was something that the people of lower standing would drink. So Lady Macbeth, who is of the upper class, drinking so much it would send others to sleep. This would have really shown Shakespeare’s intention to make Lady Macbeth an odd and unpredictable character.

The final thing the quote does is portray her as a social chameleon, trying to force her way into a man’s world by being able to drink a lot. Shakespeare could be saying that Lady Macbeth is actually very unsure of herself. This shows a lack of confidence and she is doing all this to seem more impressive. That idea adds an extra layer of evil.

Over all I believe that this quote, like much of Shkespare, has many different meanings. This quote effects the rest of the scene by not only telling the viewer what happened and how but also more about Lady Macbeth’s character and nature. Shakespeare presents Lady Macbeth as a person who has a layer of confidence that can be undone when you look closer at the metaphors and double meanings in her lines of speech.

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The wolf of wall street

This is one of the most entertaining books I have ever read. The Wolf Of Wall Street can make you laugh, which is something that I think most books forget to do.

I like this book because Jordan Belford makes no attempt to justify, to the reader, why he did the things he did. There are very few moments were the writer try’s to get are sympathy. He is fully aware the things he did were wrong but he also knows that most people want to live like that.

The writer is very clever. He is able to make the book a page turner bye very simple means, firstly the story he is telling is very entertaining and griping, secondly he can add suspense at every chapter. He is also very good at explaining how economics work and making the parts in the book that are full of economics, readably and fun.

The only things that this book suffers from are the fact that Jordan Belford is not a writer. There are very few moments of clever writing techniques and when they are used they feel very forced. The other thing is that this book is very long and can get a bit receptive.

All in all I would say that if your looking for a book full of sex then this is not the book for you. However this book is fun and interesting.


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