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who is to blame for king Duncan’s death

THE KING IS DEAD, THE KING IS DEAD, but who is to blame. Who could do a thing like this. Well in my opinion there are three culprits non of witch are completely to blame non of witch are completely innocent. These three are, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, and the witches.

Macbeth is key to the death of King Duncan as he is the one who killed him but I believe that that of all the possible culprits he is least to blame. He is a person who was manipulated by Lady Macbeth and by the witches. He organelle was confused and for a time did not want to go through with it but lady macbeth was able to manipulate him into committing the murder.

the witches are a culprit who you might not think of straight away. But with out them the idea and motive will never be given to Macbeth. The idea to kill the king was, however, not the witches. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth interpreted that to become king they must kill the king when infarct Duncan may have died by other means.

Now if I was forced to pick a main culprit I would have to pick Lady Macbeth. she is devoice and can manipulate any one to do anything. When she herd the news she never had any doubt that killing the king would be the only answer. With out here Macbeth would never have been confidant enough to go through with killing the king. At know point did she ever not intend to commit murder. That is why I believe that Lady Macbeth is most to blame for the killing of King Duncan.


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