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The Battle of the Cowshed

This is stupid. How on earth are we going to beat these people? They have guns and knives. I’m just a sheep. How can a sheep have any hope of surviving? I trust the pigs and I trust Snowball but when their plan involves us just milling about while the humans are running at us with all manner of weapons, I start to wonder if they truly know what they are doing.

There go the pigeons. With any luck the men will be startled and think we are well prospered. The geese are now attacking. Where Snowball gets these brilliant ideas, I will never know. The pigeons and geese are trying their best but I don’t think they going to beat the men.

They didn’t. I guess that means we are up.


Here we go. I don’t understand how Snowball can be this confidant. He is a quite brilliant leader. Despite that, this battle is not going quite as well as we hoped. Wait, there’s the signal for retreat. Ha! They have fallen for it. Now let’s show ‘em who’s boss.


Take that and that. This is jolly good fun. And look, there goes Snowball running straight at Mr Jones. Wait, Jones is going to shoot Snowball. Now, someone stop him.

Ohh. What was that? I feel strange. Did Snowball get shot?

Good. Thank God. Thank God.I wonder why Jones didn’t fire. What’s this red stuff? I am starting to feel very strange.

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From reading, 10 new words and their definitions

From The Hobbit

Throng – a large group of people gathered or crowded closely together;

Transcription – the process of writing something down

Primly – very formal and correct in behaviour and easily shocked by anything rude

Seldom – almost never

Inconveniencing – causing problems or difficulties for someone

Goblin – small, ugly creature that is harmful to humans

Quarrelling – arguing

Incantations – the performance of words that are believed to have a magical effect when spoken or sung

Troll – an imaginary, either very large or very small creature in traditional Scandinavian stories, that has magical powers and lives in mountains or caves

From Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Hard Luck

Entourage – a group of attendants or associates.


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