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Describing characters

In the first section of chapter 2, words such as “vivacious,” “inventive,” “quicker in speech,” and “not considered to have the same depth of character as Napoleon” are used to describe Snowball.

Snowball is all for having a rebellion. At one stage he is very determined that Mollie will have nothing to do with what she enjoys, wearing coloured ribbons, which Snowball considers to be clothes, a mark of slavery. He is also one of the first animals to read and write. He was organized enough to sort the animals into committees, for example, the Egg Production Committee and the Clean Tails League.

Napoleon is described as “large,” “fierce-looking,” “not much of a talker” and “often gets his own way”.

At one point in the book Napoleon makes the decision to take another animal’s children to take responsibility for their education. He and Snowball also don’t get on much, which enforces the idea that he likes to get his own way. For example, they have different attitudes to who should be educated and Napoleon takes no interest in Snowball’s Animal Committees.

He is “small,” “fat,” with “round cheeks,” and “twinkling eyes.” He has “nimble movements,” and is a “brilliant talker.”

He is chosen to explain to the other animals that the pigs should have all the food. He is described as skipping from side to side when arguing a point which is exactly what he does here. He cleverly makes the other animals think that the pigs are taking the apples and milk for their benefit and he threatens them with idea that if the pigs are not thinking well, Mr Jones will return.

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My Seven Commandments

I have taken Snowballs commandments and put into a context of my own.

1: Who ever goes over 18 is an enemy.
2: Who ever goes under 18 is a friend.
3: No child shall learn.
4: No child shall go to sleep until 10 (week days) or 12 (weekends).
5: No child shall drink water (unless fizzy).
6: No child shall cheat at Grand Theft Auto.
7: All children are equal.

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Define 10 words

To remove from a position of power or authority.
The scandal was slowly dethroning the king.

A reputation attaching to a person or thing for others or public view.
The prestige of the Boxer’s victories made the other competitors fear him.

A group of people who are working together.
The students were collaborating so as to help them selves with their project.

A person or persons with lots of qualities and energy.
The politicians were a very dynamic group of people.

To use selfishly for your own gain.
The head of the company was exploiting his workers by not paying them much money.

The management of any office, business, or organisation.
keeping those promises will sone start to bedevil the administration.

To arrange expressly in terms of agreement.
Even then, shelters stipulated that the pets be given back if the original owners were found.

To change, alter, or restore the structure of something.
After the car crash his whole leg had to be restructured.

A small pice or area of ground.
The gardens plotted for the nice green grass.

opposite in nature or caricature.
On the country.


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