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This is a true and not true.

A boy age 4.With the name Arthur (me) was today attced by a Pecok. The boy had gone with his family to the local zoo. The family had unknowingly gone on a day when there was a supervised animal free day.
The boy had approached the Peacock with out a family member. The animal had broken it’s cage and attacked the young boy. A witness said that “the boy was so quick”. The zoo had nothing to say.

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Prince Harry a great shot.

On Wednesday the 24th Prince Harry peed on a man’s head. John Lucas friend of the young prince said, in a interview with Piers Morgan, that “after a drink we went to the top of the palace and we dared him to stand on the side of the palace. He took it further, he took down his trousers and the next thing we knew he was telling us to run.”

The unfortunate recipient of this royal gift was the head Reverend William Black-Stone, of Bristol cathedral. The priest was at the palace for a special service remembering John F Kennedy. William Black-Stone said that “I was looking forward to my trip to the palace. This incident should not shape the young man’s life. The Prince is a growing person who will make mistakes just like the rest of us. I have spoken to Prince Harry, and we have put it behind us.”
The Prince left a statement saying simply “sorry”. This whole affair highlights just how normal the Royal family can be. The Archbishop of Canterbury is still recovering from his injuries that he received after fainting, on hearing the news that Prince Harry had been the one to spoil a great day.

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Question: Why is will it take so long to build HS2?

The HS2 official website ( says that one of the reasons the rail line will take until 2033 to complete is because the government needs to submit a bill to Parliament and then get the bill passed. This will take two years. The build is also in two phases. Phase one, the route to Birmingham, will take until 2026 to complete. The discussion about whether phase two can go ahead will only begin in 2015. HS2 is the biggest transport project undertaken for a generation. HS1, from London to the Channel Tunnel took 15 years, from the Tunnel’s opening in 1994 until it began operating in 2009.
Another reason it will take such a long time is because the scheme is controversial. Some people do not want HS2 to be built and the government has to take their views into account. For example, the group Stop HS2 object to the project on environmental grounds. Stop HS2 says that 162 wildlife sites are threatened (see
HS2 will take a long time to build because it is a very complicated technical and engineering challenge. It is also very controversial and there is a lot of criticism about the plan, so it will take a long time for government to pass the bills that will allow HS2 to be built.

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Romeo and Juliet Project: Assessment

Over-All grade: (Provisional): 6A

  1. Film: 5A – Good awareness of the meaning of the text through the use of voice and directorial decisions.
  2. Timeline: 6A – Detailed and thoughtful analysis of the plot and themes of the text
  3. Prop:  – Submitted, yet to be assessed.
  4. Essay:
    • Reading Grade: 7B – Sophisticated appreciation of the lingustic, stylistic, generic and historical context of the play
    • Writing Grade: 6C – Well structured, with consistent style and accuracy. Lack of sophistication of the expression of the more complex ideas sometimes, with a tendency to over-rely on simple sentence structures.

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