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My Paragraph Explanation of Fate in Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare is asking the question are we in control of are lives or do we not have any choice.

Romo is also talking about even though he has a feeling that he will die, thanks to events at the party “some Consequence hanging in the stars”. Yet he is still wiling to go if he thinks that god  wants him to. Later on in the play though he is willing to commit the worst crime agents god and kill him self which shows that something massive must change for him to place that much trust in god and then almost slap him in the face.


Allthought the play (sofare) the play it is asking the question is their fate by:

Teling the crowd at the biging what is going to happen and nothing can change it (like fate).

The cowincedenc of  Romo just runig into the sevent unprepped which leads to his deth. Some people think that is a key factor to fate egsisting.

When Romo is tarking about his own death that is fate (if you think it egsist)






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